Ordered a one year subscription to their magazine for $17.00. Four months later hit with a $49.00 charge to my credit card. I was told that my one year subscription actually expires in six months and that there is an automatic renewal at the higher rate one month before the six month expiration. (Still doesn't explain why they hit me TWO months before) So the $17.00 was a total come on. Bait... Read more

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I agree that International Living sends too many emails and is obviously promoting their products (various guides and events) more than actually providing in depth information. However, I recently attended an International Living conference about retiring overseas and the only complaint I have (other than it being a bit pricey) is that there was so much useful information presented, that I... Read more

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I purchased a one year subscription to the magazine and was given 'free' reports as well as I purchased one report at a reduced rate. Today I got my Login Details email and NONE OF THE LINKS WORK! I get a blank page. I thought perhaps it had something to do with not being logged into the site before accessing some of the reports (proving I am a member by logging in) so tried to just get to the... Read more

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Save your money and don't subscribe to International Living. It is nothing but daily emails trying to sell you seminars, property and get rich schemes by living overseas. Worthless bunch of junk!! I called and asked to not continue getting the daily emails and only the weekly synopsis and that lasted for several months until I again started receiving daily emails trying to sell something. You can... Read more

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Paid $1000.00 on June 6th for conference in San Antonio on Sept 4-7. Said I would here from someone withing 48 hours. Now over 2months, have sent numerous e-mails and phone calls, all ignored. Now called Embassey Suites and they say there is no conferences there during that time.I don't know why I need to do this just to get more words. They have$1000 of mine, and I don't have a conference or... Read more

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I bought 1 year subscription to IL. They charged me for 2 years for $89.00. I spoke with customer service the next day to cancel my subscription. The guy said it would be 7 to 10 business days for it show as a credit back to my credit card. It is 13 business days today and still no refund. I spoke with them 2 days ago and they told me it should be back in my account by today, April 18, 2013 but... Read more

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Save your money. IL is a newsletter full of stories from an infinite number of contributors (tourists). Basically it's a store front for more news letters. All of which, even though they use the word free, have a fee attached to them. They have found an, often overlooked, niche that needs satisfied. The country, if not the world, is full of people that dream of a life of ease somewhere else... Read more

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Bought a book from Intl. Living on how to do business overseas. Turned out to be on importing and exporting handmade goods from overseas. They lost me when they said that selling goods is recession proof-yeah right. The book cost $249 and came with a one year no questions asked satisfaction guarantee. In less than a year, I began the process of sending it back to get a refund. They have ignored... Read more

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International Living claims "satisfaction guaranteed," for different periods of time, but it doesn't matter they will not answer your call for a refund. The phone answer service is impossible to hear and if you leave a message you still won't hear back from them. They charge about 10 times the value of anything they send. Go to their site and try and find a place you can get a refund... Read more

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