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    • Difficult to access necessary help 3
    • Customer service is poor 2
    • Took 140 usd without my authorization 1
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Last year I cancelled my IL subscription after I found out that most of their info is straight BS. They get paid by the Tourism departments of the countries that they push. Anyway, they didn't cancel my subscription. I filed a dispute with my bank and they fought it, AND WON! I have again told them to cancel my subscription. We will see what happens. Don't ever believe anything they say about... Read more

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Howdy from Portland, OR. USA: I just found this site and read all the reviews. In a sense of fairness, I would like to add one Positive opinion, as a new subscriber! I am a senior, and sent a email, complaining of not finding a telephone number, to speak with a person in Customer Service,regarding a couple questions. I prefer talking on the phone, rather than trying to bang out my thoughts on a... Read more

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I paid $19 to receive their emails. I started receiving their magazine and admittedly didn't pay much attention. I just had a $49 charge hit my card. On the site under my account settings, it shows an "automatic" renewal for their magazine, with no place to cancel and no place to remove my card information. Their customer service apparently keeps bankers hours. I have submitted a request to... Read more

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I have had a subscription to International Living magazine for two years now. They just keep charging the subscription price to my credit card despite the fact that I have tried to cancel several times and written a letter of complaint to the editor. My bank tells me that I may have to camel my credit card which would be a real pain. The magazine is not worth the money anyway, just the same old... Read more

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Same thing happened to me only it was information on Panama. I chose the $7 trial for 30 days but chose not to purchase the full offer because I felt I could access other credible information on the internet. A month later I see that they put through a charge for $14o usd. As I am Canadian that amount equals about $180 cdn. I registered a dispute with my credit card company and they are now in... Read more

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About 3 weeks ago I received an email from International Living (IL) offering information about Ecuador, a country I've visited and am considering visiting again. I ordered their service offered using my credit card, which enabled me to access information on Ecuador on the IL Website. This was supposedly a "special" deal for just $7.00. I figured that even if I did not use it...well, it's... Read more

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International Living magazine, and all of the other things that promise the earth and you sign up to, including promises of joining their Lifetime Society which is supposed to get you personalised service etc etc, has so far been a frustrating experience. You contact their customer service department through their website's internal form, but no one gets back to you, except for an email that says... Read more

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I signed up for a $7.00 promotion and didn't read the fine print. After 7 days they charged me $140.00 for something I don't want and it's non-refundable. Perhaps if I wasn't called away to visit my mother before she died I would have seen the details of the offer more clearly. I never even accessed the "Panama Insider" to check it out, but no matter what. I wouldn't have paid that kind of money.... Read more

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Yesterday I signed up for learning about how to make an income overseas. They offered a webinaire to view the following day, but could not find the link as I had ordered the "program" through the International Living site. I would have thought an automated response would have been sent to those who had paid their $179 to be able to view this broadcast, but no . . . quite disappointed as it... Read more

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Are from a business based in Ireland? I have no idea why this surprised me, other than the fact they always translate everything (I receive) into USD. I was very tempted to jump on the expat band wagon. Two bad divorces two closed businesses, 2 dying parents, all but ruined me This combined with ''questionable'' health at the moment, I saw nothing good in my future. I read all the rosy posts... Read more

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