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    • Price was a bit high1 refuses to unsubscribe my address and I am tired of their ***!!!! refuses to unsubscribe my address and I am tired of their ***!!!! refuses to unsubscribe my address and I am tired of their ***!!!! refuses to unsubscribe my address and I am tired of their ***!!!! refuses to... Read more

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Are from a business based in Ireland? I have no idea why this surprised me, other than the fact they always translate everything (I receive) into USD. I was very tempted to jump on the expat band wagon. Two bad divorces two closed businesses, 2 dying parents, all but ruined me This combined with ''questionable'' health at the moment, I saw nothing good in my future. I read all the rosy posts... Read more

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Site said magazine was $49. Credit card was charged $89. The same day, I got an offer for $17 for the same subscription. Makes me want to stay right here in GA. Who can you trust? My hubby and I wanted to consider moving to Mexico and living on our social security at a better level of life. we also considered Italy. After reading and reading page after page, we decided that we may be better off... Read more

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I was just charged $47 on my credit card for a renewal to something from International Living. I did not authorize a charge or request anything from IL. I have no idea why I'm being charged as there's no email or post mail stating that I'd be charged. I'm not able to log in to the site as my user name does not exist any longer. Customer service requires you enter your personal information.... Read more

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After reading how "affordable" Jaco Costa Rica was I flew down on an exploratory. NOT SO... save your money n The states with all of it's shortcomings is light years ahead! . Click your heels together and say there's no place like home. . If it were so nice there then why are so many of their citizens emigrating to the US? Read more

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Painting Costa Rica as a retirement paradise is pure bunk! Prices here are higher than in the United States. Have your teeth cleaned for $15! What a fairy tale! Most dentists here ask $100! That is just an example. Medicines here are expensive and your book of discounts is a farce! Vitamins and other food supplements are twice the price and half as good. GNC almost has a monopoly here and... Read more

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Tried to cancel out of subscription after it expired, constant reminders that this was my last chance to renew before Subscription expired. Message at the bottom of reminder says click here if you wish to cancel receiving reminders Did this 13 or 14 times still getting message that your last opportunity to renew expires @ midnight. These guys Are just scammers trying to sell their packages on how... Read more

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Wow, so many many fanciful articles about Eutopian places all landing in my Inbox. And how frustrating I just can't seem to read the end of the articles without paying. Umm... yeah, pull my other leg it's got bells on. To give you an idea: "Editor's note: Take a shortcut to your perfect life...and save tens of thousands of dollars a year in the process. We explain more about that shortcut here."... Read more

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Made several attempts to log in on what appears to be the home page (Not the first time this has happened!) Then went to what is supposed to be customer service site (with non-relevant selections) and found a log-in spot on the page, which does not work! Noticed someone else complained about this too. If this is a tech issue, they've been in business long enough to have corrected this by now. ... Read more

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International Living is big business- marketing and real estate. They promote Cuenca as the number one retirement city in the world. There are a great many naive expats, who are not very educated and certainly not well traveled living in this city. It is much more expensive than the promotions dictate and much colder. It is also in a developing country, so DO NOT expect the perks and luxuries you... Read more

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