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    • Monthly magazines 2
    • Lots of information 1
    • Seminar in mexico very good 1
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    • Difficult to access necessary help 4
    • Customer service is poor 4
    • Refused to honor my request to cancel subscription twice 2
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Repeative pushy with events. Can find the same info online

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I have been a subscriber for many years now. I have had very little problems and I NEVER had an issue that I couldn't call and talk to someone about. The information I have ordered and received has fueled my desire to move to a more affordable country. I wouldn't have known most of what I do without reading the materials I got from IL and the stories that the readers have sent in about their moves to the various countries they moved to. I... Read more

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We've been subscribers for several years and really enjoy the magazine, in particular the stories of other expats, their experiences in relocating to other countries, how they make money, start businesses etc. We consider it a small price to pay to stay inspired and constantly fed by new, creative ways to live affordably and see other parts of the world. I think anyone who is considering a move overseas needs to take responsibility for... Read more

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I have a beach house on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua, which i would like to advertise for sale. But despite going through your website several times, all.i get is to subscribe. It would be nice just to advertise. I am already familiar with your magazine. I just want my house sold. Great place...across from the waves. I am 74 years old, and need to get back to the States. Please send me an email with prices to advertise in IL. Thanks. Read more

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Horrific money grab. I signed up for this 'magazine' based on a 1 year subscription however they offered a great deal on a 3 year so I choose that. The information given is really quite poor and then they feed you massive amounts of blurb then ask for more money to have the full version. Then you can get all of this free and more free is you pay for a better subscription. Then there is more free information if you pay for the information you... Read more

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I have a subscription and I read and hear so much about Panama City. So I went last week and stayed in Panama City for a full week. Folks, please listen to me. Their economy is a complete house of cards that is built on money laundering. Skyscraper after skyscraper are practically empty. Read up on the numerous reports of shoddy construction on many of these high rises. The landlords don't care whether you rent or not because that is not... Read more

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I agree with other reviews regarding the nasty sales techniques of this magazine; sucking you in, claiming stuff is free when it isn't, and remabling on forever in their promotional emails! Also, I just ordered the magazine at their stated $39 sale price for a one year subscription, as opposed to the usual $69 price. Their confirmation email said my credit card bill would read: $78! This was AFTER I submitted my card information. I live on... Read more

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Man, does this crowd ramble on. What they say or write in thousands of words can easily be said in a few sentences. They are always pushing subscriptions to their magazine, and often in their email promotions, a "free" report ends up being conditional upon you taking out a subscription to the magazine. Their articles describing all these free reports never disclose what the article claims will be disclosed. Just pages and pages of ramblings,... Read more

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Last year I cancelled my IL subscription after I found out that most of their info is straight BS. They get paid by the Tourism departments of the countries that they push. Anyway, they didn't cancel my subscription. I filed a dispute with my bank and they fought it, AND WON! I have again told them to cancel my subscription. We will see what happens. Don't ever believe anything they say about a country, costs, livability, safety or anything... Read more

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Howdy from Portland, OR. USA: I just found this site and read all the reviews. In a sense of fairness, I would like to add one Positive opinion, as a new subscriber! I am a senior, and sent a email, complaining of not finding a telephone number, to speak with a person in Customer Service,regarding a couple questions. I prefer talking on the phone, rather than trying to bang out my thoughts on a *** computer! :-( Next day,a email arrived with... Read more

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